I, the Customer, agree that due to scheduling and routing reasons, my broker fee is not refundable, unless I notify American Movers Direct in writing within 72 hours after booking at of my intent to cancel the estimate. March 25th through September 30th is considered peak moving Season; during this time deposits are non-refundable after 72 hours after signing the 1st bill of lading due to scheduling and routing reasons as well as refusing business from other potential clients. The deposit will not be refunded in the case of any reason during this time period. Moves can, however, be put on hold for up to a 2 year period. All cancellation requests must be sent to within 72 hours of making payment. Should this agreement be cancelled by you after 72 hours and/or a carrier is assigned to your move, all services on behalf of American Movers Direct will be considered “services rendered” and there will be NO REFUND for our fee. If the move is cancelled within 72 hours of paying our broker fee, American Movers Direct will keep 15% of the broker fee for processing fees. All refund requests are approved or denied every second or last Thursday of the month. If the refund is approved then the customer must electronically sign our refund agreement in order to qualify for the refund. Refunds are payable within 12 months post signing the REFUND AGREEMENT. If your first available pickup date is within fourteen (14) business days of the date of paying your broker fee, and you elect to cancel, a refund of your fee is not permissible. If customer books their move within fourteen (14) business days of the pick-up date, the 72 hour window is null and void. All date change requests must be made in writing within seven (7) business days prior to the pick-up/packing date. Failure to request a change within this time frame will result in an additional broker fee of a $750.00 rescheduling fee. If the change is made within 72 hours from move date fee might be higher. If the customer would like to put their service on hold, the deposit may be used as credit, and the service can be held for a total of 24 months from the date of booking. All broker fees will show on the billing cycle under either American Movers Direct LLC. By signing this agreement, the customer acknowledges that filing a chargeback/dispute of charges will result in a forfeiture of the broker fee. In the event a dispute arises between American Movers Direct and the customer; the customer is subject to financial responsibility for the associated merchant and bank fees. As well as, satisfying any outstanding balance before the commencement of their move. By signing this estimate you are agreeing to the statements within.